i write therefore…. i’m wasted

after a few hours spent in alcohol consumption… 3 a.m. i sit here, idle and probably will wait for dawn to break. after work, me, my boss and my officemates went out. actually, it was my boss’ treat. before, i usually spent my friday nightssitting in front of the p.c. while talking with strangers. now, i sit in front of these new batch of strangers…minus the p.c. and the head set.. my boss is cool. she’s outgoing… well so far, we’re ok. my new officemates… are so so. i still miss my teammates, though…my idea of a perfect friday though is to stay at home and watch t.v until my eyes bleed or… probably brush up on my german self-study class…or sit infront of the p.c without the head set, and feed my virtual hunger … even though, i like going out with friends, it’s a hassle staying in a place where there’s really loud house music…desperately trying to interact.it’s hard to make a good conversation last. most of the time you’ll end up repeating every word you say and eventually get drunk by doing so… i believe that my alcohol tolerance is still as mediocre as my knowledge in the latin language… but anyways, as we always say.. practice makes perfect. after the bonding session with my officemates, my housemates asked me to join them for another session..another round of shameless drinking, laugh trips and sight seeing… eying for potential targets of our shameless bickering whatsoever… my head is sort of spinning now… so i guess i should stop before i barf all over the computer table… so much for my friday stint.. i hate weekends..

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