i’ll make time.

I did have time to blog around. But my current work has been depriving me of precious time and has temporarily stopped the production of my all natural creative juices. It is because.. I am being transformed into a corporate slave. I am trying hard to be a good one but I suck at it… At this point, i’m a wreckless mess plus blame it to the hasty turn over. I don’t even call it a turn over… It was just a one day orientation of what files are which… a little bit of who’s who and your off to the real world. i don’t want to burden you with the boring details because by doing so, i might cut off your circulation..but anyhow.. comparing it with previous work, this is more intellectually stimulating.. stress level almost about the same.. although, it’s too early to tell…i have to say, i was relatively happier with the people i was with before. the company paid well, but they’ll kill you easily and bore you like you’ve never been bored before. now, i’m just a young underpaid chorewhore. sorry blog readers if my blogtime will be cut into half…which means i might shorten my rants and raves. i might be offline from time to time..who knows?? don’t worry i’ll make time.

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