dropping by and dropping out

catastrophe. the p.c. is corrupted with a gazillion sorts of viruses. mcafee has lost it’s purpose and so the internet is also down. first thing’s first.we have to find a decent techy guy to fix the ultimate problem. it turns out it’s not zpdee’s fault now. the only solution is to have the pc reformatted. whatever the hell that means… and so we have to make a back up of the important files we stored in the precious pc but first…. where can i find a decent techy guy to fix the problem. how much will it cost? will i be homeless by next week. who knows?
so, here i am in this nostalgic internet shop where it all started, googling my way into nowhere…trying to find a repair guy.. and for the meantime.. out of frustration i’m dropping by my own personal sanctuary..my blog.. the meter is ticking though, this ain’t free.. so what the heck…i got to go..
come to think of it… it rhymes.. : )

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