how to induce a migraine

It’s hard to be creative at 1 am. it’s also hard to get up early in the morning specially on mondays. I specially hate mondays. Hell starts on mondays. If you want to be bedridden by the end of the week, think about this. Everyday is MONDAY. But that’s beyond the point, we are talking about how to induce a migraine.


It’s lucrative enough just to browse around and do all the clerical work man has ever thought of. Talk about INFORMATION OVERLOAD.You’re fixing the 201 files of the employees and you suddenly noticed something peculiar in the biodata. Under RELIGION, he wrote ATHEIST. It wouldn’t have mattered but when you took a second look. You realized, you’re holding the VICE-PRESIDENT’s file, you numb-skull! No wonder he sucks at running the company. He needs divine intervention, for crying out loud!


Try not to laugh. BE tactful. Again be cautious. Try not to laugh to some of the mind-blowing english your interviewee says. Give them credit for the nose bleeding and anxiety attacks. But by the end of the day, you’re temporal lobe is trobbing as fast as your heart…


Reports. Orders. Reports.Orders. Deadlines,Requests, Meetings. It’s a freaking balancing act.Which is which? Which one comes firsts? Ok. I understand why people quit and the level of attrition rate has sky-rocketed.


Naggers. Gossip Folks. They’re all the same. Don’t let them get to you. But the harder you veer away from them, the closer they’ll get to you. Is this the black plague?


powernap. 15 minute breaks are not considered siesta times.

and you think being employed places you on top of the food chain. think again


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