caught in the act

Sometimes, stupidity reality comes in different forms and like life, it bites back really hard. I was in the middle of mimicking my boss, when I got caught. He passed by while I was imitating him. Whenever he greets someone he has this mannerism of nodding like a Japanese on crack. At that instant, while I was engrossed at my impersonation…He suddenly appeared from the scenario. I was like… uh oh, I am literally dead meat. My officemates burst into laughter. Just when you thought that that humiliating experience has come to it’s end. Think again. It happened twice. The second time was when I was in the middle of ranting over the contracts that his cousin–the Vice President hasn’t signed yet. He was supposed to route the signed papers a few decades ago.It’s been a while and we’re cramming on meeting deadlines.And so as usual, I was raving about how he forgets about things and that it’ll probably get back to the office “after 48 years”..when suddenly his Highness appeared. This time, he overheard me say his cousin’s name..and he literally eyed me. At that point, I thought that I was going to loose my job..which actually could have made things easier. If I get fired, I would probably be relieved. But no. After a second or so, he got back to his “deep-thinking-mode” and pretended that he didn’t hear me. I’m on this “ONE FALSE MOVE” scenario. If I get caught in the act again, I’ll probably get thrown off the building. I’m amazed by people’s perfect timing. It is as if, I am being mocked by my own miserable rants. Lesson learned, never literally bad-mouth someone, specially it’s the freaking VP of the company. Charge this experience to the mishaps of black baligang.



Parting words: “Me and my big mouth…”


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