Let it be known to all that I DON’T nor WILL I EVER practice witchcraft.. haha. What an opening. I woke up this morning..and I mean very early in the morning..prepared a breakfast meeting for the EXECOM and MANCOM–yup, the high and the mighty people. SO, there I took the ultimate liberty of sacrificing my own breakfast in their behalf only because I was tasked to do so.. and yes, I still have an ounce of humility in me. I did prepare them a decent meal, taking in consideration their own welfare.. I ordered from a reputable fast food that can deliver as early as 6a.m. Anyhoo, when all was said and done, I still ended up as the bad guy. They all get on with their meals, proceeded with the meeting and adjourned. I thought I did pretty well, securing their needs..But no, I got a call from one of the supervisors informing me that one of the MANCOM got an upset stomach..assuming it was from what I served them. When she got back from the office,she was vomiting and was really pale as a paper. She asked to be admitted to the hospital and all. So, anyway, while she was on her way to the getting medical attention, I heard her subordinates saying stuff like, it was my fault and that maybe I hexed her food! Wtf? Well, for one thing, people don’t really like her. She’s one of those S.O.S. -Spawn of Satan-type of boss. I personally abhor her attitude and how she deals with other people. She basically treats people like they’re dirt. So maybe it just serves her right. You know, Karma this days.. It never crossed my mind that people would actually think of me that way.. I knew that it was just a sick joke. On the other hand…jokes maybe half meant..hahaha.. Bottom line is, wish i did put a hex on her.. But no, I’m too harmless to even do such things..Too bad.

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