I’ve been following, J.Z.’s blog ever since I read her first book, Twisted and got acquainted to this offimate of mine who’s one of her big fan as well. One thing me and my officemate have in common is that we value SARCASM. We enjoy reading articles and books containing  mind-blowing words and unbelievably sarcastic rants and raves. Both of which I think is JZ’s genre. I am a fan. But I’m not like an obsessive psycho who would stalk her or at least copy her style. Although, the latter may be a form of flattery. The stalking part…may happen if I get desperate in meeting her. Gelo, my officemate did all the sales talk, he told me about her life story or basically her career that is. She used to have a radio show, aside from being a columnist, tv show host and band manager. Whew! I knew it was a long long time ago, when we were still in high school. We’ll anyway,  after much of his lecturing I realize, how much we have in common as well. She’s technically a Bicolana although she was raised here in Manila. Her parents are from Bicol.  And like, she’s a bookworm and collects a lot of classic books.  I think black is her primary color too. We both have the same cat-eyes-shaped glasses. Plus we both have cats. She also schooled in a school run by nuns. She has earring fetish, I got ring fetish. We both have the same body-shape, although I think she already lost weight.  We both have this dry sarcastic humor but of course hers is purely twisted .I’m not sure if she’s the only child though.It’s uncanny that one time my officemates call me J.Z. They say I idolize her. Haha. Maybe just an influence. I’ve been really this boring old cat ever since. I can’t be her, despite the similarities.  But I had this one time when i looked at the myself in the mirror and for one second I saw her with a huge grin in her face—her twisted face. OMG. I might become HER.  Instantly, I snapped from my hallucination.



I still see writing as my ultimate frustration. It may be my ultimate dream job. Wondering, if ever I quit my job would it make any difference?  I can’t be a starving artist, can I?


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