out of time

WEEKENDS SUCKS! I guess living in the metro makes you feel like you’re on the go 24/7.. even during weekends. I imagine spending weekends, just sitting in front of the tv and channel surfing. If my housemates are prying over who gets the remote, I could compromise and just satisfy myself in front of the computer, blogging or just sound-tripping or if I get really zoinked from friday night’s gimmick, I’ll sleep until dusk. I imagine a rest-easy weekend. Two days that would let you relax and slack off. It’s like a little reward that you give yourself for always waking up early in the morning or for always being on time for work. But these days, weekends are for extended chores. Of course, you have to clean the unit. You don’t want it to become a haven for cockroaches or for the terminator to constantly debug your home.Unless otherwise you are on a hunger strike, you also have to do the grocery. If you feel really hyped, you can also prepare your laundry for the laundry dude to pick it up. The thing is living on your own has it’s perks. There are no strict curfews and you can’t get grounded for breaking the house rules. You could get evicted but hey, you ain’t that much of a trouble maker. The down side is that you are on your own. Nobody’s going to look out for you but yourself. You have friends but of course, you are responsible for your actions. Nobody’s going to clean your own mess either. And for that, I miss spending weekends at my own home. I get to be undeniably lazy and boring and become a big of a slob for as long as I want.


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