Last night I attended a friend’s party. When I say party, this means socializing and talking over booze. Again my alcohol tolerance was put to the test. I know I suck when it comes to drinking but again practice makes perfect. The whole “Life’s a bitch” drama could have been the motivating factor that made me down every shot of Illusion shaker in one gulp. Daaaammnnn! By the end of the night I was really zoinked and when i finally got home..just after we got off from the birthday boy’s car.. i puked a bit..Just after we entered the door of our unit.. i could really feel my stomach launch into outer space.


I puked and it felt good. I guess it became a form of detox.I was really concentrating on not puking in my friend’s car. It could have have been a disaster. Paying for his car wash could slash my strict budget. Moving on, I think the bad energy went out with all the alcohol I’ve drunk. I slept well. But I woke up early to blog about this since it’s my first time to get wasted. One more thing, I am not a beer person. Why do people like beer? It tasted weird. If you drink too much of it, you end up smelling like a horse’s piss. It was the beer’s fault. I even took this test to verify my choice of booze.

You Are a Red Wine Woman

You’re not a big drinker, and when you do drink, you go for the best.
You probably know a good deal about wines, and you know how to order a great bottle.
When you drink too much, you tend to flirt – but only in a subtle, understated way.
You prefer to date a man who’s worldly and wise. He’s got to be as sophisticated as you are.

What Kind of Drinking Woman Are You?

O well, cheers to life.


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