stadium delirium

I believe that I was born to be a sponge—a shock absorber, someone you can have catharsis with…a stress ball..a crash test dummy. I guess it’s because, I also lend my shoulder to those who need it..I’m the typical friend–the shoulder to cry on, the one who would withstand long hours of ranting and venting.. I should get paid for doing this.. But that’s fine. This is all for a noble cost. Maybe this is my destiny. After all, I really am not much of a talker. I prefer to listen. I guess sometimes, it’s not good to be always on the neutral side.  You have to pick a side. After all that what life is all about. It’s about choices… whaaat?? I’m talking about being a sponge here.. Where is this coming from?? Somebody call a therapist. This woman is mad.


I used to be schizoprenic.. But we’re okay now.


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