who’s yo daddy?

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I know it’s a little too late for a father’s day post. But anyway, I miss my dad. My dad-the rockstar, the 5th Pillar, the nutty professor, the dad that doesn’t really acts like one. I grew up looking up to my dad–the classic example of a Daddy’s girl. I guess that’s me. It’s hard being away from home. I miss the times when I get to hangout with my him. Usually, we go out and watch movies then after that we go to bookstores looking for cheap but good reads. We love book shopping more than anything else in the world. My dad’s pretty lay back. We find fun in the simplest things in life. Some of which are— laughing at his own jokes, debates on some of his weird philosophies in life, creating our own theme songs, watching SCENT OF THE WOMAN over and over again. Even if it’s the nth time already. His a big fan of AL PACINO. Our favorite is the scene where Col. Slade [Al Pacino] delivers his ultimate speech, defending Charlie Simms[Chris O’Donnell] in the entire student body. You see, my dad recorded the speech and he asked me to transcribe it. Nifty isn’t it. Then every time we watch the rerun, we get say the speech[with feelings], like we memorized it. It’s crazy but it’s really fun.

I also remember when I was really young, he used to bring me to work. I get to sit in some his classes. Of course, he teaches an all-boy school, I get to be the only girl in the room. I didn’t really see the advantage of that until now. Daaaammnnn! I was teeny-weeny then. I also remember watching his gigs when I was in the high school, his students used to call him “Slash” after Guns and Roses’ lead guitarist. Whenever there’s a school program he’s usually invited to play a solo piece–like a guitar instrumental. He’s a natural born performer. So there, whenever there’s a gig he asks me to watch him play. I, being the wanna-be groupie bring my friends along to watch. Right then and there, I knew that maybe someday I could do that. Hahaha. But anyways, it’s cool seeing him on stage but sometimes it could get a bit embarrassing because knowing him, he always makes silly ad libs and weird antics. I guess his living his “rockstah” image.. Yeah, my mom’s really supportive. She’s the number one groupie.All his life, he made music as his career. He became our little city’s music icon. He was even featured in our school’s magazine[BILOG]. Woohoo! The downside of being his daughter– well besides the fact that almost everyone I know makes lame jokes about me being an exact replica of my dad, people expect you to be as good as he is when it’s comes to playing the guitar. I’m not a prodigy but I know how to strum a chord here and there. And I guess being the lay back dad that he is, he’s more like a big brother. He’s not the typical master sergeant-dad who barks orders and gives you a piece of his mind. He’s not the disciplinarian. He’s more of a democratic slash authoritative parent. I know what will happen if I break his rules. I don’t get grounded. I get a sermon from hell. It’ll be like an ultimatum–like a one time big, big time. It’s like opening Pandora’s box. It’s terrifying to see him loose his temper. He seldom gets angry but when he does it’s like apocalypse. I guess that’s where I get my passive-aggressive behavior. My dad’s pretty lenient and you’ll easy get his trust–which is both an advantage and a disadvantage to me. The thing is he may be the ideal dad but he’s the one I got and I thank God for giving me such an eccentric and wacky one. I may not want to be called Diggs, the female version but I still want to follow his footsteps, to be a music icon…or not! haha.


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