i can’t think of a title for this..

Occasionally….I get the same question. There are many variations but mainly it boils down to one major punchline. Why am I still single. To tell you honestly, I don’t really know. Am I that horrifying? Do I scare them away? Do I need to check the mirror everytime and ask..”Why, God, Why??” Actually, I’m not that worried if until now I’m still waiting to get hitched.. The relatives…my officemates… some of my close friends…they all wanted me me to shift into the mushy mode. Look, I understand that the male population…er…the better half of the male population are either gay, priests or are already hitched…It is pretty alarming… really and I am being superficial in a way.. But hey, it’s fine. In finding someone who wants to get stuck with you even on your ugly-betty days can be challenging. But I guess not everything is about looks..it’s also about…hmmm.. the personality maybe.. And I’m here sitting, looking at the rest of the male population and perhaps looking at the bright side..what’s wrong with them? And it’s hard to ask for the whole package. You get a the boy-next-door who turns out to be a psycho, or this jock who turns out to be gay. Yep, cliches but it happens in the real world. So why am I still single?? Maybe because my dysfunctional male counterpart is finding trouble telling which is his left and which is his right. Who knows?

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