One must go

I was reading our company’s code of conduct when I run into this one specific rule about office relationships.It says that in the event that co-workers engaged in a certain relationship, more than the professional level (meaning if they get hooked up), one of them will be transferred to another department to avoid conflicts of interest. So that must be the reason why Sir **** got transfered. He got his colleague pregnant, well apparently I guess she’s already separated from her husband now and then bam! next month he was already assigned to different team.. Cool.

Speaking of which, I’m actually bothered by this one colleague of mine. A little over a week a go, when we run into each other, well actually we run into each other when we were about to leave the place… But when we entered the resto, I run into my other officemate…who was with him. And the next thing that happened was somehow..weird

I received a text

Officemate: Hi gimikera!

Me: Hey sir.. Ikaw din e.. (smiley)

Officemate: Di kta mkta. Hnahanap kita.

[From afar I can see him, searching the crowd. Good thing I am good at camouflage. ]

Me: Hehe. I can see you! Sino pa kasama mo?

Officemate: Bernard, john and cai. Daya mo. Show urself. Puntahan kta sa table nyo.


Me: Wag na. Hehe. C u n lang whn I c U.

[Awkward. One of my bosses will…go and say hi to my friends.. eewww..]

Officemate: Taray. Di ako payag. I shud see u.

[What the F? Di ka rin naman makulit]

Me: [n.r.- no reply]

What’s wrong with this scenario? Well, one thing I can tell you, we’re not yet drunk back then. I guess we arrived a little later than they did. But they just got a table when I passed by. I got the impression that…er.. is this some sort of flirtation.. We’ll I don’t want to be malicious but.. hey, I just didn’t get the point?? Ey, the guy ain’t that bad–physically.There’s nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting here and there… I just felt that it’s wrong.. Ok, I’m being the SUPER EGO again with all the morality babble. But two things I have to bear in mind, letter a: he’s one of my superiors and letter b: i still think of him as my boss even outside the office.

Another weird thing followed but it was this just yesterday. I don’t know if that just how he is with other people but he personally called me to greet me…an advance happy birthday greeting at that. He said he might forget it so he’s greeting me in advance. Just in case you’re wondering how he knew. ..Well, in our bulletin board there was this section where we post the celebrants for the month. Unlucky for me, I was one of the first people on the list. [Gaaah!] What’s more alarming is that I also received an email coming from him…asking me to join their “gimik”. [waaaah!]

Officemate: Advance Happy Birthday!! Grilla tayo!

Me: Thanks for the greeting! Basta libre mo, why not? (smiley)

[ I was thinking..just go with the flow, sistah]

Officemate: Basta ikaw Joyce. I’ll arrange that next week.

Me: Ows? Joke lang e. (smiley)

Officemate: Hindi serioso. Basta next week

[waaaah! I just got buried in the own grave I dug! kill me now!]

Me and my big mouth. I should have ignored that freaking email. But how should I know. Well looking at the more objective side.. Maybe he just wants to hang out. Work can be a bitch. Maybe he just needs to unwind with friends..and he’s inviting me to be one of those people he can hangout with..

So maybe I’m being this paranoid, malicious, assuming person. Sue me! I just don’t want things to get out of hand. If I had to leave the company, I would like for it to be a voluntary resignation because ..actually, I’ve been contemplating on leaving anyway.


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