5 People you meet in the Office

It’s bashing time once again 🙂 Presenting the five people you meet in the office.

THE CONNIVING SNOB– Thinks that he’s way up here and we’re way down his south. He broods inside his office and doesn’t lift a finger when you greet him. He dares not to pick up the phone which is ringing off the hook ever since he got inside. For all we know,he’s busy arranging the paper clips in his desks, by size and by color. He has his own posse,his clique, his peeps which he shares his plans of conquering the universe with. He walks in heavy silence and you’ll get really surprise when he notices your existence which is really highly unlikely. Unless, he’s ready to bark his orders, you’re as useless as his..umm..er..do I really have to state the obvious?

THE MOTOR-MOUTH– Nothing escapes her scrutiny. Not even the strand of your hair. Her motto: Nobody is perfect except MOI. She claims that she has O.C.D. What a poor excuse for being such a hyperventilating nagger. She can’t a get a hold of her yap. Tactless would be the perfect word to describe her lack of civilized manners. I’m afraid that when she was in high school she failed GMRC not once but four times.

THE HIGH & MIGHTY IMBECILE– Dreadful. You’ll be overwhelmed by his lack of reason and logic. Some of his questions are way out of your league that you’ll wonder is he for real? How did he pass grade school? Did his parents thought he was a special child? He puts the capital D in DUH?! Whatever happened to his common sense? Oh, wait …I don’t think he ever had one.

THE NOSY SECRETARY– Claims that she can speak in other people’s behalf and can be annoyingly opinionated. With chin held high, she walks trying really hard to forget that she’s still the ass kisser that she is.Power-tripping is one among the three things she picked up from her dilapidated Christian school. Reality check. You may be the seating outside the VP’s door but this doesn’t put you in the driver’s seat, missy. Step aside before I stomp on your pedicured little foot.

THE SUCK UP MIDGET– Let me rephrase this.. The Blood-sucking Dementor. He can suck the living hell out of you. He manipulates people, letting them think that he’s way better than him. He gloats in his own thrown, hiding the fact that he’s not even half a man that he thinks he is. Every morning he visits the bosses, cheaptalking his way out of his work. He has his way of saying things, like a siren trying to lure you to your own demise. Next time you meet him, wear an earplug and your trusty wind breaker. The heir also summons the winds like a freaking tornado.

So there you have it my…precious…Beware of the five people you’ll meet in the office. Tata!


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