23’s a lucky number

A friend once told me “I’ll stop aging at 23 simply because I said so..” I know my biological clock is ticking but I’m still stuck wearing my favorite sneakers. I guess I did stop growing up at 10. Well anyways, as I recalled last year’s birthday celebration started off with me cleaning my friend’s puke. What difference will this year make? I actually planned on celebrating my birthday by watching horror and suspense flicks or maybe going to some rock gig.Last year, we watched SUKOB. I know it’s weird. I guess screaming is really a good catharsis, even during your own birthday celebration.

Birthdays aren’t supposed to be morbid. But I like being dark and twisted. However, I did consider my friends wish for fine dining, good old booze and socializing so I’ve decided to just go with the conventional thing like most normal people do during their birthdays. I’ve celebrated mine, last 5th but I’ve decided to move it to the 10th (well, for financial purposes). It was a friday. First off, we went to GRAMMS,it like an all-american diner.. I loved the mini-burgers. It was in the end that I realized I was packing carbs like I’m going hiking or something. I ate a lot. The drive to Gramms took like 30 minutes because..FRIDAY is friday. The gimik day for yuppies and for anyone who lives in the metro. When I got there I felt like I wanted to order anything and everything on the menu. Moving on to the socializing part, we went to GER to get some booze. My friend ordered this tropical inspired drink.. It tasted like coconut. I tried not to puke. It was good. No one got wasted or anything. Everyone seemed to have a blast. That alone made me feel better. Although, next year I know I want to do something outrageous.. This might require a bigger budget though.

Gifts are the best part of every birthday celebration. And I am forever in depth to my friends who made my day really special. They were able to provide me with my whims and some of my wishes. They even let me blow my own birthday cupcake. Haha. I know. Ain’t life grand?? But..well, a part of me is a bit saddened. This is the second year that I wasn’t able to spend it with my family. Part of my wish is to celebrate it with my dad and my grandma..I have to make it up to them…aaww. Enough drama!

So what’s in store with being 23. I guess a lot of pressure from north, south, east and west, more misadventures. I’m looking it this way.. Pessimism is a stepping stone and failure is always a starting point. I have a long way to go. There are ups and there will be downs. Life will always be a raging bitch with a sledge hammer. But I’ve got balls now and I still love wearing sneakers.


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