running amok:UAAP WTF Moment # 1

I watched the UAAP game last week. Ateneo bagged their third (?) straight wins, beating the falcons in bloody pulp. As usual, the crowd hooted for their respective teams. I thought it was just another wild and out game until we’ve reached the remaining 2 quarters of the game. The falcons were already trailing by some10 or 11 points, the crowd was getting rowdier than ever, especially a number of fanatics in the front row seats. They were mouthing insults to the ateneo fans. I have trouble trying to read their lips but I could careless. I mean, whatever man. Do as you please, it wouldn’t change the scoreboard. But then out of a sudden, this gayish falcon fan stood up, picked the mop (yes! As in the one that the janitor uses to scrub the floor) and pointed it to the ateneo crowd, mouthing cuss, perhaps. Actually, I really couldn’t tell what he was trying to say because we were seated in the upper box while he’s in the front row of the lower box. The behavior, in my own perception is a pathetic cry of mockery. Wow! These people are really taking these things seriously. Is this still school spirit? To make the scenario worse, an alumnus from the eagles’ crowd walked over to the falcon side. To my disgust, he seemed like he was utterly provoked by such behavior. He started pointing his finger at the gay fan, picked the mop and faced the falcon crowd. He started blabbing and blabbing. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but it was evident that he was steaming mad—like a bull of his cage. Has he gone boinkers? What was he thinking? Was he out of his ‘calming pills’? Did he drink way too much lipovitan? Was he one of those you-mess-with-my-team-I’ll-kill-you type of fan? Why would you loose your temper and composure because of such hooting? I just don’t get the point. I can be a die-hard fan. I would cuss and scream my lungs out if the referee’s calls are questionable. I get pissed off at trash talking players. But to unleash apocalypse for the crowd’s unruly and uncalled for behavior? Heck no. Luckily, my medulla is still sitting on its rightful place. Lest we’re still using smoke signals to communicate, we should leave out the primitive behavior to the primates, shall we? Call this my UAAP WTF Moment #1.p.s. masarap nga bang maging ATENISTA?“Win or Loose it’s the school we choose.” Allow me to roll my eyes.


4 thoughts on “running amok:UAAP WTF Moment # 1

  1. I’ve only been to one Ateneo-La Salle game in my entire life (my only UAAP basketball game, actually). I had to go during my first year because we were required to support the team by our PE teacher. I had fun, I must admit, and even wore a Blue Eagles T-shirt. It was dramatic and we won the game and the Championship. That was it. Then I moved on with my life. 🙂

    I never got into the whole Blue vs Green thing. Or Blue vs the whole world thing, for that matter. Maybe I do lack team spirit (I never liked chanting with the Blue Babble Battalion)… but that doesn’t make me less of an Atenean. I dunno. Screaming and insulting other teams never really appealed to me. “Win or lose it’s the school we choose.” Yeah, sure, but, dude, getting into a silly fight with another fan is not going to make you or Ateneo look cool.

    I guess I’m really apathetic and phlegmatic when it comes to college sports. Now European football is another matter… 🙂

  2. hello steph! yeah, that was really a bummer! I think school spirit is overrated but o well, that’s life.. I watched it once.. bloody hell.headbutt and friend’s a soccer player.. he dislocated his shoulder once.. ouch!

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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