lessons learned from drinking

I don’t usually drink liquor or alcohol. As I’ve mentioned my tolerance to alcoholic beverages can be compared to my proficiency in calculus. Yep, I’m a loser. But drinking, whether you’re alone at the end of the bar or with your girlfriends has never brought any solution to problems. If in case you’re wondering if it will make your world a better place or lighten your burden..I guarantee it won’t. It would left you lying in bed all day [if you are like me] but at least you were able to loosen up and sing shala la in the videoke with so much confidence.

Alcohol will not make you feel any better.But neither does MILO or COWHEAD. Drinking when done in moderation can help you widen your social circle because when you’re tipsy and feeling at ease with the crowd in the bar..anyone can approach you and ask “can we dance?” and gladly you would say yes. Here are some reasons why:

1. It’s too dark inside the bar. You’re too tipsy to tell if he’s gay or not but seems like the filipino version of BRAD PITT[so what the heck?!]

2. You don’t really care anymore, you’ve been single since birth. You wouldn’t get pregnant by merely rubbing your elblows with him.

3. Dancing is a subtle excuse not to order drinks. You don’t want to be wasted and you’re running low on cash. If you’re too busy trying to get your grove on..the waiter wouldn’t bug you for the nth time if you’d like another round.

For me, going to bars will be contant reminder that:

1. I am already of legal age, drinking is sooooo..allowed
2. I need to wear what most women wear—a nice top and hot shoes and
3. Quote from Coyote Ugly (movie) ” Always LOOK available but never BE available” [I dunno the exact lines]

I never liked going to bars, mainly because the music is too loud—house music that it. I have never learned how to appreciate it. But it does puts you in the mood and perhaps it helps you unleash the dancing queen in you. I go to bars for the sake of my friends, yes.. They always drag me there. I say drag because, among the five of us, I believe that I am the most KJ (KILL JOY) person when it comes to night outs. We’ve been bar hopping for 3 or maybe 4 consecutive fridays now. One of the reasons is because a friend of mine ended her long time relationship[actually, we’re not yet sure if she has totally closed her doors to the guy]. Let’s just say they’re on the “cool off” stage. Whatever the hell that means. And because of such tragedy, one of our little ways to comfort her was to take her to some of the must-go’s here in the metro. It does help you unwind…. if you are with the best girlfriends in the world. That’s why I can’t find a way to bail out on them. I’ll miss all the fun.


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