cabby dialogues vol. 2

Traffic. Rain. Fire. Traffic. I got up late. I was thinking twice whether I’ll go to work or call in sick. It’s pouring really hard. I was exhausted from last night’s condo clean up. But I still got up thinking that maybe I’ll get fired if I bail out of the interviews that I’ve scheduled. So there, because of the traffic jam along edsa (the building beside mazda greenhills got caught on fire), i arrived 40 minutes late. The ride going to the office wasn’t bad at all. Most of the time, cab drivers are like bawling babies during traffic jams. They cuss and curse whenever they have to stop. You just can’t shut them up. This cab driver won’t shut up about his lessons on ‘how to avoid traffic jam’. He blabbed about the routes we should take to get to the office ASAP. But in the end, we took the original route that I take every single day of my life. His plan to take the alternate route got messed up because the ‘alternate route’  was not accessible itself. Needless to say, he does know the metro better than I do. Who am I to argue? No matter what happens you can’t be a wise ass to taxi drivers merely because the moment you step into the cab, you’ve entered their dominion. Of course, you pay them with whatever is due but yes, let them do their job. You can do your part by writing or memorizing the plate number just in case he goes commando and treatens to blow your brains out. The cabby, even if he’s such a know-it-all did his part. I arrived in the office…late yet safe. He was courteous enough to pull over near the shed and best of all, he didn’t go commando.


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