sunday bloody sunday

Writer’s block. So many things I want to write about, so little time to do it. Besides i’m in the down-in-the-dumps mode because tomorrow is MONDAY. Hell week starts all over again. So for the sake procrastination and deviating from normal rants, I’ll pass time with this:

1. In one sentence, explain yesterday:
I was not able to watch THE BRAVE ONE.

2. What made u smile today?
My cousin got ‘pikon’ over the UAAP game.

3. What were u doing this morning at 8?
still in never never lang

4. What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
watching “I DIDN’T KNOW THAT.”

5. Something that happened to u in

That was my 2nd birthday. It’s all blurry now. 😦

6. Last thing someone said to you?
I salute my short term memory.. I really can’t remember

7. What was ur answer?

8. Worst thing currently on television:

REALITY TV SHOWS. “Who wants to be a SUPERHERO?” wtf.

9. What was in your e mail today?

daily digest from yahoogroups

10. How many different beverages have
you drank today?

just H2O

11. What is ur favorite part of the
DUSK. Looking at the sunset..aaah..MELANCHOLIA sets in..

12. Your current To-do list?
ranges from getting a TRIM to FINDING A NEW JOB..

13. Where is ur best friend right now?
with his BF, doing grocery

14. What color is ur toothbrush?

15. What are u wearing right now?

16. Any plans for Friday night?

hmm..probably be dragged into a bar by close friends to extinguish the agoraphobic me.

17. Least favorite place to shop.

18. things u bought today?

19. Last gift you received?
23 gifts from friends. yep, it does have perks.

20. Who gave you that?
– my housemates

21. What made you sad today?
realized that tomorrow is MONDAY

22. What can make you happy?

Knowing that my family is safe and healthy. guess that’s enough consolation.

23. Beauty is:
A CURSE ~Nip/Tuck

24. Describe your key chain:
i have a bunch but the one i currently use is metazza’s personalize key chain with a picture of me and my bff, and buttercup

25. Where do u keep ur change?
coin purse

26. Are u happy with ur life?
SOMETIMES. Happiness is just a phase for me.

27. What are u thinking now?

28. People u trust the most?

29. what day is it today?

30. what are you going to do after


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