WARNING: Post may contain uber sappiness. Get a barf bag if you must or stop reading from hereon.

Surreal!I’m switching to fangirl-mode for a while. Last night, we went to EASTWOOD for the launch party of the up and coming artist MIGUEL ESCUETA. Yes, thee MIGUEL ESCUETA that brought us FALLING AWAY and ISIPIN (insert fangirl giggle). I basically like his music because…well, it’s not purely sappy ballad music. He’s a good song writer plus he composes he’s own music. Although, I haven’t bought his album yet (which is now included in my to-do list, by the way), I still watch out for new videos. So last night, aside from his own songs, he also covered coldplay, and the killers. I love his rendition of MR. BRIGHTSIDE! It simply brought the house down. What makes MIGUEL ESCUETA different from other artists? I know it’s a cliche but I think he keeps it real. He makes music for the love of it. He owns the stage the moment he steps on it. He plays and sings his heart out! Thee end….not!

So what’s so surreal about last night?? (Insert music)

“It started out with a kiss,how did it end up like this?”

After the show, we went backstage to congratulate him [with Raph and Raph’s friends leading the way, of course ]. Up close and personal with Miguel….surreal! We greet him.He thanked us for coming…and each of us girls got a quick beso.. (here o, in my right cheek..right here). SURREAL!

It just a KISS from the rockstar to a bunch of groupies. I know it sounds shallow and all but yes, I’m keeping my fangirl-mode on.. I “feel” him. This is a dream come true for him (I guess). I’m not talking about the kiss..It’s about seeing that people appreciate his music, sing along with the songs he wrote, tag along in his gigs. It’s about making fansites or fandoms out of him which makes it all SURREAL. It’s all about living and breathing music. Like what my dad used to say “Life without music is a mistake”. So to all the rockstar wannabes here’s what Miguel has to say :“It’s about the ride. If ya ain’t enjoying the ride, then it ain’t worth the time.” (I dunno if it’s really him who says it. I just saw it in his multiply site.)

Which now brings me to my finale, watch out for:

and soon:

We’re gonna rock it! Loud and proud. If not in our dreams…in yours…Hahaha…Surreal!!


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