project: DIGGS

My dad will be retiring soon from his nutty professor role and will be a full time rockstar. He lives and breathes music. He has been a music icon in Bicol (not to brag but he deserves to be dubbed as such). One night while I was on the phone with him I brought up this topic of making a website–his very own website. I don’t plan to make it flashy or anything. I’d just like to make a portfolio of his life—maybe a comprehensive list of his works and gigs. Why am I doing this? For one reason, he’s my father and he’ll be turning 60 in 2 years time. I want it to be like a gift. I can’t afford a plane ticket to Germany or anything. What’s the challenge about this project? Well for one thing..I’ll be needing creative input on how the site should look like, what the site should include, what would I like to tell the world about this 50-something musician? I’d like it to be special and creative. I need time to plan the whole thing. I’ll be needing pictures too. Pictures of him in gigs, his performances. Way back, I’m not as much of a paparazzi like I am now. I need scanned pictures of he’s magazine features, write-ups, works and such.

So please if you know my father and if you happen to know others who have snippets of my dad in rockstar-action….send me a message, comment or whatever. I’d really really appreciate it.

For now..I envoke the power of creativity!!!!


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