techno lust

I borrowed my dad’s digital camera the last time I came home. It wasn’t the slick, high- tech-type.It was simply a hand-me down, scratched up tool for capturing life’s moments. He told me to buy the USB cable so I could upload the pictures. When I got back from Manila, I happen to use it..once. I wasn’t able to use it again because the charger had gone haywire. Now, I can’t open the damn thing. It’s just frustrating why all of a sudden, when it was handed down to me by my father—it has broken down. Did my dad put some hex?

Just when I thought I could practice my not-so creative shots on others and be the group’s official shutter bug…Again, it has failed me. I’ve been wanting—no scratch that..make it dying to get a hold of a digital camera. My savings which was supposedly intended for that was ambushed. So now, I am starting from scratch.

For the meantime, I am contemplating on buying a new charger or rechargeable batteries, because the problem may lie therein or I might as well ditch the old camera and double-time on saving for a new one.

I’ve been wanting to get a laptop too. *sigh*

Just some of my wishlist for the coming season of merry making which I call–MELON COLLIE and the INFINITE SADNESS. Christmas. Just like the SPICE GIRLS, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want..but will you give it to me?

Not really. Techno lust. I just can’t get no….satisfaction!

[originally posted here.]


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