how the grinch stole christmas

MANIAC MONDAY– No wonder everyone hates Mondays. As if raging hormones is not bad enough because it’s the first day of the week, it’s also the time of the week where you get as many HITS but no SCORES. Sorry turds, I ain’t that easy. I used to call it MANIC Mondays. It’s like dragging yourself to the gates of hell.

TAE’NANG TUEDAY– What’s worst that having a boss that suddenly goes M.I.A leaving all her shit behind and you to cover her ass? Please kill me before I kill her (literally or otherwise).

WANG-BU WEDNESDAY( It’s craaaaazeeey!)– Do I look like someone from the LOST and FOUND section? I ain’t your Momma, so quit asking me where’s who and what. You’re simply clueless because the fact is, you don’t really have a clue!!! To make the matters worst, boss is still M.I.A. and rumormongers are spreading the word faster than forest fire. MAYDAY, MAYDAY!!!

So you finally decided to get to the bottom of everything. Find your goddamn boss. We went to her residence. Her daughter told us we missed her. She left 30 minutes before we arrived. What a perfect timing! She told us she doesn’t know of her AWOL. Great!

TORTURE THURSDAY-Finally your boss has resurrected. With all the back log from the quick OPLAN: FIND YOUR BOSS, you’re left with a pile of paper work and last minute preparations for the 50th anniversary and Christmas party. It’s the season to be fuckin’ jolly… Hand me the bottle of VADKA!

FLUSTERED FRIDAY– Doomsday. The worst of all days. You instantly get demoted to be an USHERETTE slash PRODUCTION ASSISTANT slash RUNNER of the christmas party without even knowing the program flow. All this and more, you’re running around with wearing heels. My feet hurts like a bitch. But who are you to refuse? Do you have a choice to whine? Hell no. And I didn’t even get to win anything??? Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Merry X’mas. Let’s all soak our feet in deep dark CADBURY chocolate…


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