about the hair

My PS mugshot..which was sent to me by a long lost PS friend. Thanks, Benjo. I am more depressed now than ever and it’s not just because it is Christmas. Not only that I looked younger and fresher.. I think I still look less fat. But that’s besides the point. I miss my short hair. 8 more months until I see the hair dresser extraordinaire named MARGIE. She has been cutting my hair since my elementary years.AAh, the melancholia…

Having longer hair means.. using more shampoo, more combing time, and obligatory drying process through our trusty electric fan. Going to work, looking like you just got out of the shower..is a major turn off.

Plus, I’m having variety issues in terms of either tying or just leaving it hang like a mop. They say that most men prefer women with long jet black hair….And studies shows that most sexually assaulted women have long hair. Tsk. tsk.tsk.

What to do? Lure perverted men or cure the rashes on my back? What a dilemma!


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