january syndrome and the year that was 2007

New year’s always a shocker for me. Not only because of the loud firecrackers hurled in the streets but because disaster always strikes in January—at least in my experience.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell you the story about its history. Let’s save that for later. My new year starts with a bolt of lightning and buckets of rain. The heavy down pour started New Year’s eve which is a major party pooper. I was stuck at home doing my mega series marathon.

I know. I’m a loser. No firecrackers for me. I can’t even be trigger happy because I don’t own a gun—or a toy gun. But I jumped three times at the strike of midnight hoping that I’d be able to give my growth hormones a jolt. But I guess, at this point it’s already hopeless.

Moving on, new year’s eve prompted me to make another major decision. No, it’s not giving up my virginity or whatever. Let’s save that for later. But as I was saying, I was given a job offer which is quite competitive. Package-wise it’s better. Workload-wise—well, I wouldn’t be able to tell yet. Major problem is that it’s quite far from where I am living. It’ll surely be a new work environment.

Maybe this is what I’ve been praying for. Maybe not.

hey are expecting a feedback by January 2nd. I’d be basing my decision on practicality. At this point, I am now the sole chore-whore of the family. So that’s my number one in my to do list. Get a new job!

I think new year’s resolutions are overrated. I stopped promising myself that I’ll go on hunger strike because I never do it anyway. So now, if I want to do it, I just do it.

I haven’t told you about the holidays yet. Well, here are some of the highlights and thoughts:

  1. Spending Christmas in Antipolo is the best. It’s the closest thing to home.
  2. Family portraits are nostalgic.
  3. Step away from the ice tea [Code name for: VEER AWAY FROM TEMPTATION may it be lechon, alcohol or hot single men (if you’re taken) ]
  4. Looks can be deceiving. My dad won an “iPod” at their Alumni homecoming. Yey, right? It turned out to be a MOCK-POD. Mp3 player in iPod clothing. Tsk tsk. Good news is he gave to me anyway.
  5. I’m almost done with my boring series marathon. I recommend that you single people out there watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.
  6. FALL OUT GIRL strikes back.
  7. I’m miserable when I’m on vacation. I’ll even be more miserable after vacation has ended.
  8. One housemate down. We’re now recruiting. SINGLE WHITE FEMALE (not the movie).
  9. I haven’t thanked the givers of the gifts yet. So again, I’d like to thank everyone who gave me one.
  10. I still haven’t quenched my techno lust.

I can’t remember much about 2007. It was all a blur to me. I remembered being 23 and miserable. I may have lost some friends but I kept the ones who are truly out to stick it even if we have no umbrella.

Best of luck to you dear blogwhores and readers! Until next!


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