TOP 5: Pick of the Week

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been hooked in watching t.v. series whether they be downloaded or bought from our trusty dbdbdb vendors. As we wait for the writer’s strike to end, suck your eyeballs on my recommended feats other than LOST of course:

5. HEROES – Who doesn’t love superheroes? It’s X-MEN meets Justice League. There’s so many to choose from. Who has heard of Cyrokinetic powers? Just watch because most probably you’re the only one who hasn’t.

4. HOUSE M.D. – Now on it’s 4th Season, find out who will make the “Cut”? Will the fellows survive House’s unorthodox tests? Who is Thirteen? Will House finally get it on with CUDDY.Keep your fingers crossed.

3. WEEDS- If you’re in your pre-pubescent years, this one is for you. But if you’re way pass this stage, then this is definitely for you!! Who wouldn’t get hooked on SEX, DRUGS and ROCK n’ ROLL. This is your ticket to the DOPE world of getting HIGH!!

2. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER-Find out how TED MOSBY met her wife. The story unfolds as Ted tells his two kids in retrospect how to find the right girl. Relationships and break-ups, it’s a rollercoaster ride that you don’t want to get off.

1. GOSSIP GIRL- Who is “thee” Gossip Girl? No one knows but it doesn’t matter. What matters is what she knows and what’s on her blog. Get hooked on the latest happenings of Upper Eastside socialites’ battle for supremacy. Find out who’s dizzing who. It’s CRUEL INTENTIONS minus the G2G action ( so far). Get punch drunk love on NATE’s hypnotic eyes, CHUCK’s perverted exploits and DAN’S witty charm. Are you like B or S?



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