a brief history

Have I ever told you about the history of the sisterhood? The sisterhood was thee invented term of our friend’s brother–Aya, from the movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants for friends slash barkadings slash chokarans.

The end. [If you’re not interested.This is where the post ends].

Kidding. Actually, the sisterhood goes way back in college which is a little over 4 light years ago. Some members of the sisterhood goes way back in high school.

The original “friendsters”–now with it’s new found faction, is not called as such. The original barkada with its other “elite” members, are now frolicking with their babyloves or are simply out there pursuing their BIG dreams. The original barkada are those who said that “friendships don’t end.”

The sisterhood on the otherhand, although dysfuctional at times–are always there to stick it out even when your rainy day becomes the perfect storm.



One of the pioneers also dubbed as Queen B. Alexis’ motto is PASSION FOR FASHION. She is a certified shopping guru with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology minoring in Flirtology. Although deemed as the Devil wearing VNC, A is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. She knows how to have good and or nasty fun and claims that I NEVER GET DRUNKer than YOU.

In high school, Alexis was Ms. Popular slash Ms. Controversy slash Ms. Prom Queen. Although, her social status was highly esteemed, it was not as pristine as the other goody-two-shoes in the batch.

A is known for her astounding charisma. Yes, her power of suggestion is really amazing too. One example–Physics. Being the last period and the most boring subject [in my opinion], A blabs her way into convincing the teach to talk about her marital life. Instead of boring computations on thermodynamics, we calculate whether Ms. Physics teacher can divulge her life story within the entire period. A is also known for initiating mass hysteria because of her extraordinary fashion statements. Going to my high school really means selling your virginity to Jesus. We highly value charity, purity, and simplicity–all of which are in A’s checklist except SIMPLICITY. For A, simplicity is next to anonymity. Mother superior was blown-away by her bold colors and her straight forward personality. Overall, A was not the shabby, catholic school girl. She was the show stopper. Good thing is she’s not the rebel- I-don’t-care-if-I get-expelled-type. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be friends, right?

2. KIRSTEN– I used to think that K is one of those skinny bitches that I’d love to obliterate. Being the youngest in the family, K can sometimes act like a spoiled brat. I knew her in my elementary years, as she was always present in almost all activities. I thought she was little Ms. Suck-up with the nuns. K is a child prodigy. During her kindergarten years she was already teaching her moronic classmates how to find x.

K was active in both curricular and extra-curricular. She was in the A section which is why we were not friends in those formative years. I always see her with her other skinny friends walking the corridors and giggling like little hyenas. I never thought, we’d be this tight now.

High school made a difference. Your whole social order gets a overhaul because the A section was abolished. I believe that the nuns finally realize that the A section is a breeding ground for future corrupt politicians and social-climbing socialites. Now that we’re one melting pot of red, black and whites–in comes the mingling with the skinny bitches, tomboys, bullies, nerds, juvenile delinquents and social butterflies.

I knew K in my sophomore year. A few things you need to know about her— she’s one brainy social butterfly. She has alot of friends because a. she’s friendly [duh?] b. she’s active in school activities c. she’s one of the top students in class. One conclusion that we can arrive at is that, K is also popular. K is also a good–no… great dancer. Although multi-talented, K isn’t very athletic. For K, P.E. is dancing and nothing more. Sports [excluding dance sport] is her kryptonite.Well, if you consider cheerleading as a sport then ok, she’s athletic too. K is one of the top cheerleaders of the batch, along with A. One realization, never judge a book by it’s cover.

3. URSULA a.k.a. ULA is the vicious vixen. She is the GINGER and SCARY Spice rolled into one. Ula and I met in College. We were blockmates. My first impression of Ula is that she’s the kitten among a bunch of tigress. Boy, was I wrong. My intuition really stinks! Known, for her flirty eyes and her vavavoom figure, Ula has a certain way with men. Known for remarkable credits in the carnal arts, Ula is also a show stopper and a head turner. But from what I heard, Ula was a late bloomer. Very much, similar to me except that she wasn’t in the same Catholic school I was in. Back in high school, sources said that Ula was the ugly duckling. In college, Ula was known also for her red lipstick, boisterous laughter and her wardrobe malfunction. Compared to others, Ula is very liberated. Details can’t be divulge as to how liberated she can be. This blog is for general patronage. Aside from her other extraordinary talents, Ula has a passion for cooking [like K]. Our friendship with Ula is one roller coaster ride. Ula has her share of the spotlight when her printed old high school picture was posted all over the campus. This was her taste of “popularity” from the third person’s point of view. Most people, specially those who knew that she’s part of our group suspected that it was us who made the character sabotage because of the riff we had with her at that same time. Although, the group is known for making BOLD moves, we’re not the SUPER MEAN GIRLS type and she’s our friend, no matter what [aaaaw]. Ula, is Ula. I respect her individuality. I respect her grotesque addiction over intimate wear and her passion for wide loopy earrings. I respect her anal personality. I respect her as a friend. Lesson learned, first impressions never last.

4. MOI– Lastly, yours truly. In my elementary and high school years, I hang out with my seatmates (which is anyone and everyone). I’m not that choosy when it comes to friends–well, as long as we pretty much understand each other. Here are a few ironic truths:

1. I am not athletic. I have friends in the basketball varsity. But I’m not a jock.

2. I hate MATH. One of my friends is the President of the MATH club.

3. I hung out with the juvenile delinquents–mostly tomboys. I am boyish–not tomboy.

4. I hated POLITICS. I used to be the class PRESIDENT. Viva la revolucion!

5. I was sort-of anti-social. I was part of the SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB.

I’m your regular comic relief. Need I say more?

This sisterhood has many fond memories. I’ll save those for the next chapter. Amidst, the occasional cat fights, temper tantrums and mild indigestion issues, I’ve realized how much we’ve changed since we’ve met. I’ve seen how we’ve grown into these unique individuals. What’s amazing is that even if we’re really different from each other, we’ve found our friendship to be the glue that holds us together. And to quote Bamboo, We stand alone together [or something similar].

There you go, kitties. We may not be biological sisters but whatever we have now is something I really thank HIM for. It’s one of the best things I have in my life. We may raise most of people’s eyebrows but we can always put out our evil grin. I know you love us. You can even hate us but hating us will just put the green in your envious faces. Kill me for bragging. I just love these girls.

And just so you know, we live by the MAFIA RULE:

You hit me. We hit you.

That being said, I end this little history lesson.

Next meeting. The Sisterhood: New Recruits


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