the sisterhood: recruits

Expanding for world domination. Presenting, the newbies:

*DOM– D and I met in college just like Ula. But I’m one batch higher. Our paths crossed during this little thing called ELECTION, we were part of the same political party. See, ironic. I really hate politics but politics seem to haunt me. We got dragged into the whole thing by our friends. I used to think that D is this fresh from the boarding school A student. I was actually intimidated not of her height but her seemingly flawless personality. Again, my intuition failed me. Like the others, D is a party animal. She party hard but never fails to put books before boys. Or maybe both. Fact is D is part of the honor roll too. D is also bilingual. She speaks the gay lingo like your average gay friend. Unlike me, D never gets drunk too. So pretty much all of my friends have high alcohol tolerance. Now, I feel like a looser. Anyway, D is my constant chat mate. We didn’t have the same classes but we always see each other in the OFFICE or in cyberspace. Out of both coercion and initiative, we’re both active in our school organization. We failed to create the leftist party but we pretty much rule (at least, I’d like to think so). We’re in the same committee– we’re all about the paperworks. So after school, we go online and discuss org. matters in between our little gossip sessions. Most of my vivid memories of D was in either in the halls of our so called ARRUPE hell or in the org. office. I guess the whole politics thing worked after all. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have met. Contrary to popular belief, D is such a love bunny. I dunno why we have this chemistry. Opposites attract I guess.

So how did D become part of the sisterhood? I guess, it was all part of the big plan. A, Ula and Me know D from college, and K, our long time friend met D way back our Acquaintance party days. And the rest is hysteria….erm…. history..

* AGI (short for AGATHA)– Agi is a bundle of joy and probably the most paranoid person next to me. Gospel music is her biggest pet peeve. Kidding! Agi is anything but religious (no offense, Kuya Jes). But here’s a fact, I believe Agi is the neat freak of the bunch. She’s very detail oriented too. Agi is also an aspiring entrepreneur. She’s an excellent gourmet chef. Agi plans to have her own MARGARITA bar someday.

I met Agi after I moved in with the girls. I remember our first conversation. We were trying to remember the name of the grooming guy in Queer Eye. Agi is our temporary house mate but our constant drinking buddy. I remember our RED LIGHT DISTRICT nights. Agi is also a love bunny. Most of our drinking sessions are dedicated to her. Like most of the girls, Agi is a great dancer. She can prove that hips don’t lie. You’d probably have a de ja vu after seeing her bump and grind. Agi and I share the same sentiments about almost anything, even about FITRUM. Agi is one of those people whom you can completely be yourself with. But there are five things you need to know about Agi:

1. She has never ridden a bus– as in the public bus in the metro.

2. She has the taong-grasa phobia.

3. Her alter ego is Anuschka. Short for ANUS.

4. She’s allergic to alcohol.

5. Her sniper margarita is deadly..

So what does it take to be part of the sisterhood? Nope, you don’t need to be one of these people..Everyone is unique. I myself am a freak of nature. We respect each others individuality. What matters is not usually in the outside but what’s inside.

Ok that was crappy. But seriously, what we value is the friendship that we’ve made amidst our contrasting attributes. I leave you with, Oscar Wilde’s quote:

” A true friend stabs you at the front.”

Next meeting, the burn book.

*Real names altered*


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