The Misadventures of a Pyromaniac

…Because burning is not the answer…it’s the solution.

B.O.F. also known as the Book of Flame, in it’s second installment is now open for grilling. Did I hear you say more? Let’s now waste time, shall we…


You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Who are you to assume the part of Gossip Girl? Spreading truth behind the lies, is that it? I can see BS written all over your face, missy. I’ll now dub you as Ms. Tattle Tale. Your stunts are sooooo high school!! Like… no way! The he says/she says are so last year,babydoll. Again, were did your growth hormones go?


Sometimes, I don’t get you. Is a zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Camouflage is already out. Show us what you’re really about, Stripes.


In as much as I would like to avoid making another item about you.. I just can’t help myself. Now, you’re on the hotseat again.. but in a good way. I am proud that you have graduated from your happy-go-frenzy ways and erotic adventures with the higher deity. I shall now dub thee as FRIDA. Go figure.


Tactless. I hate tactless people, specially if they really go overboard. Not everyone appreciates all your “in-your-face” humor. A little note to thyself, mind what you say or you might say whatever comes in mind.


Missing in Action. In case of MIAs one must remember: Thou shall not diss thyself. You have friends to do that for you.We still love you no matter what.


YOOOOOuuuu! Yes, you. Some friends you all are. Where is the S in support? Are you all waiting for the Queen‘s directions? Are you drones or something? What is ” that’s what friends are fours?” When a friend invites you to a gig or gimik or whatever… answer them directly. It’s either yay or nay! “Pwede rin” is not allowed. Say it right or you’ll get D-nied in the GUEST LIST. Tsk.tsk.tsk.

Want to burn more? e-mail your entries and I shall fire away. Flame throwers are sold separately.

Highly Flammable,



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