S.O.S : Survey on a Saturday

I’m sorry blogspot. I’m cheating on you. But I can’t let you go…

Killing time and diverting hunger pangs. I’m posting derivatives, c/o REM. REM, hope you don’t mind…


Seven things that scare you:

1. Snakes! Anything that slithers, scaly, cold-blooded.period.
2. Crowded places. I’m slightly agoraphobic.
3. Sometimes, sunlight scares me.
4. Loosing my loved ones
5. Narrow grassy path walks.
6. Pimples! Acne-outbreak. Hormonal imbalances and the like.
7. Loosing Sanity.

Seven things you like the most:

1. Being Alone. It lets me think and reflect and pray…or blog!

2. BOOKS!!! I love reading in as much as I love writing.

3. Writing, doodling, scribbling…whatever I can do whenever I get a hold of a pen and paper

4. Intellectually-stimulating conversations. Something that can ignite the neurons and perhaps the other parts of the body..Go figure! Matanda ka na.

5. Chocolates.Dahil anak ako ng Tatay ko. Nothing spells D-I-A-B-E-T-E-S, like an ooozylicious dose of sugar.

6. MOVIES..that either make you bawl like a baby, laugh like you’re being tickled to death, think like you’ve never thought before or scream like your hair is on fire. I like good movies, odd movies, scary movies, B movies, indie movies.

7. ART ❤ POETRY and MUSIC… Lyrics are poetry. Without music they’re just poems. Coming from a lineage of artists, I eat and breathe music. Got it from, me pops. I don’t sing well, so I’m better off listening to them.

Seven important things in your room:

[I used to have my own room… ]

1. My bookshelf
2. My notebooks – I also collect notebooks.
3. My ring collection. My preeeeeccciioooooouusss….
4. PANDORA’S BOX.My box of whatever things. I keep this box full of my life’s random things like: greeting cards from friends, old letters from friends, candy wrappers. Yep, I hoard. Therefore, I am.

5. Il Pirata collection– Yes, I am ashamed. I cannot afford the original (as of the moment). DVDs: HOUSE M.D., LOST, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and the like.

6. CD’s of my favorite bands. Yup, at least they’re not pirated.

7. My Fluffy Pillow– whom I now call—-Brandon. Ahihihihi.

Seven random facts about you:

1. I talk in my sleep–sometimes. At least, I don’t sleepwalk.
2. I get DEJA VU most of the time. Does it mean….I’ve been reincarnated?? hahaha
3. I still want to have my own band. No one is hearing my pleas. No one.
4. I ‘d like to get a massage from Rodrigo–a male latino with a think accent and well-sculpted body.
5. I ‘d like to get published someday. Any takers?
6. I want a therapist. I’d like to experience hypnosis at some point.
7. In my past life, I am an Egyptian Queen. I rule over the Nile . I only wear thick eyeliner, fabulous jewelry and body paint. Plus, I am anorexic thin.

Seven things you can’t do:

1. Math.
2. Cook or Break dance
3. Play the guitar like my father
4. Aggressive to the point that I intimidate people.
5. Let my big toe reach my nose.
6. be really really perky. OKAY!
7. stop writing

Seven things you can do:

1. be funny even without uttering a single word. Thanks, Dad.
2. Speak with a funny accent
3. Play chess
4. Write poetry.
5. groove…o yes…I….can!
6. sleep until 12 hours
7. type 48-52 words per minute, give or take.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Learn a foreign language
2. Go to Egypt
3. Watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers LIVE! Watch more concerts.
4. Get Published
5. Be in a Rock Band!!!
6. Kiss…the hand of the Pope
7. Drive like the Drift King.

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

1. EYES – because they’re the windows to one’s soul; Nice Feet. Me…foot fetish.

2. A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR- I don’t need a comedian.

3. A good taste in music- eclectic but not too boy band nor hip hop.

4. Intellectual not geeky. someone whom I can debate about why brandon is hotter than the average male population or why blue is better than green. Shallow graves for shallow people. I ain’t that deep. I don’t speak Bisugo language.

5. ARTsy – someone who’s artistically inclined whether in music, painting, writing etc. A good singing voice is a turn on.

6. Charming Personality-someone’s who’s personable but not very heart rob-ish. I don’t share.

7. Flexibility is the key–to whatever you’re thinking.

Seven things that repulse you in the opposite sex:

1. Mr. Casanova in the flesh. Need I say more?
2. Bond, James Bond. The suave, Alpha male.
3. The Master of Disguise. thinking and being someone he is not.
4. Mr. Price Charming – I am not a damsel. I am a hag. Be gone!
5. Boy Grasa (Bad Hygiene) I want to be swept of my feet. Yet, I don’t need my breath to be taken along with it.
6. MR. INCREDIBLE – Tactless. Insensitive. Detached. Yes, the average male prototype.
7. JOCK-SYNDROME or the exact oppositeBeing too logical. Too rational. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

Seven things you say the most:

1. Dammit!
2. Ambot!
3. Shit..
4. Actually,
5. Oh God..
6. O well..
7. Right….

I curse a lot.. so the list can go on…

Seven celebrity crushes: [NOT IN PARTICULAR ORDER]

1. Josh Holloway of LOST..

2. Brandon Boyd – Incubus

3. HUGH LAURIE – Dr. Gregory House, M.D.

4. Hugh Jackman
5. Johnny Depp
6. Anthony Keidis – Red Hot Chili Peppers.

7. Penn Badgley – a.k.a. Lonely Boy/ Dan Humphrey [GOSSIP GIRL]


Matthew Settle a.k.a Daddy Humphrey/ Rufus Humphrey

O yes. I am a woman. Eat dirt!

Am i suppose to tag someone? hmmm..


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