Kung ayaw mo akong MURAHIN, MAHALIN mo na lang ako.

Because I learned from watching an episode of HOUSE M.D. that:

….If I enjoy hating life I don’t hate life, I enjoy it.

Consequently, I think it does makes sense. Here’s a list of what I hate…errm..enjoying hating:

1. People who constantly pry on your private matters.

It pisses me off that some people just expects too much of you. They even expect you to be an open book. And as if you are not even open enough. Do you want to check if I still have my appendix? Here’s a scalpel, be my guess and cut me right open. Again, I am not a carcass. Don’t expect me to self-mutilate and be vulnerable. Don’t expect me to divulge my entire life story in one sitting. Besides, there are things better left unsaid. Therefore, I invoke my right to PRIVACY.

2. People who questions OTHER people’s sense of style.

Hmm.I do this at times. But I’ve learned that, anyone can be color blind. I can’t blame them. Everyone has their own sense of taste. Even if you don’t agree, maybe you should try to deal with it. You might find it entirely bizarre in your own fashion book. Nevertheless, as they say in fashion one day or in and the next day you’re out. Who cares? I don’t really give a shit. Move on. Get over it.

3. People who claims to be PERFECT.

Yes. You! I ain’t kidding when I said that my foot looked better than your face. Teehee. In fact, I was being subtle.

4. People who are utterly annoying whether they mean it or not.

Sometimes, due to hormonal imbalance, I get to emotional—too sensitive. I tend to overreact. I just trust my gut too much. I think you’re personally trying to sabotage me through you’re punchlines. I don’t know if you’re insecure or just unbelievably insensitive. Either way, I am aware of what you’re doing and I have it all figured out. I might be paranoid. Paranoid is good. TEEHEE.

5. People who are trying too hard to act COOL and CUTE when they already are.

I get it. You’re cute. Everyone likes you. Don’t flatter yourself to much. I might include you in my book of flame just in case you try to pull off the same stunt you did to the unassuming others. I heard your nice. Hmmm.

You give mixed signals. They confuse me sometimes. Maybe my radar is not working. Let me have a look.

So I leave you all with a piece of shitty punchline:

Kung ayaw mo akong MURAHIN, MAHALIN mo na lang ako.



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