The S word

I felt the need to post an entry that would feature my shirt. Vain, right? That’s me and my BFF, Ariane.

Who cares if you’re single?

1. Your dad. He wants you to get a life and perhaps some grand kids in the near future.

2. Your nosy relatives. They want to take the opportunity to question your sense of taste.

3. Your no-longer single friends. They think you’re a loser. It’s time to get hitched.

4. Your college professor. He was matching you with one of your batchmates. He thinks you too look good together. Is this senior prom all over again?

5. Your officemates. They think that you’re cursed. They’re all single and miserable while you are living in your own little single world. Ain’t life grand?

6. Your high school friends. They want you to get laid and end up knocked up just like them way back your formative years.

What’s good about being single?

1. You’re free. No one bosses you around on what to and what not to do except for your parents or other related kin.

2. Monthsary? Anniversary? or even Daysary?. Their just dates you ought to celebrate.

3. Financial freedom. Refer to items number 1 and 2

4. Love hurts and all the suicidal shit. Quite a number of suicide attempts are due to heartaches. Alarming really.

5. Quality time with oneself, friends and family.

(I know I’m superficial)

Why you should get hitched?

1. Holding hands while walking. Romantic stuff. I guess everyone needs to experience the feeling of unbelievable mushiness–the ultimate release of gooey endorphines, norepinephrin, dopamine etc.

2. Multiplication . As if the earth is not populated enough. I guess to prolong the existence of relatively rare genes.

3. Companionship. Soulmates? F buddies? Whatever you call it nowadays. Bottomline. WE don’t want to die alone. And we don’t want to die ignorant either (if you know what I mean).

4. Quit being the THIRD WHEEL a.k.a Le Chaperone – lame as it may sound but yep it only takes two to tango. Unless, they’re a team player. teehee.

5. So who am I gonna watch ENDLESS sappy romantic movies with? Sole purpose of watching tearjerking, heart warming, mushy movies. Watching it with your special someone is better than with your parents who sleeps in the uberly eeky parts or at times right after the title rolled in.

Wondering why you’re still single?

1. Maybe you should change your deo?

Au Naturale may not always be pleasing to one’s olfactory nerve. Try switching brands. Yep, looks does matter. insert evil laugh

2. Commitment-phobia. Big word. WE can’t stand the thought of being in a serious relationship.

3. No choice is a choice.

Single-blessedness? Virtue of Celebacy? Think about this, most of the hot men remaining are either gay, priests or gay priests.

Kidding. I guess being single is just a matter of choice.

WE can always change our minds just in case. wink


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