TOP 5: Pick of the Week

TV shows you ought to watch (in my opinion—other than my fave HOUSE M.D. & LOST)

5. FRINGE – Another JJ Abrams creation plus the tv comeback of Joshua Jackson! Coming this fall!

4. GOSSIP GIRL – for some reason everyone’s loving the Chuck – Blair (CHAIR?) chemistry.

3. HOW I MET YOU MOTHER – It’s Britney, bitch! I am still anticipating that episode where Britney starred in. I have to have a catch – up marathon soon!

2. ELI STONE – He used to be an ordinary lawyer until he heard the music; attorney turned new age prophet, Eli Stone’s storyline is quite unique.

1. CHUCK – I dig nerds. I know. I know. You may find it pathetic. I don’t really care.
You may have had some stereotypes in mind like.. a guy wearing wide-rimmed glasses, curly hair, with braces, tucked-in shirt, high-waisted pants.Not my guy, Chuck. I just can’t get enough of this series. It’s all in the geek pride, man.

That’s it for now.


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