whine and you shall receive…


— Quote from Urim

Here’s a lesson learned from my past and present workmates. An attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast your boss often result in:

1. joblessness – obviously

2. more work – whine and you shall receive —more responsibility.

3. rigged performance appraisal – sometimes even if they say “walang personalan, trabaho lang…” don’t believe them. They lied.

So what to do? Even if you are screaming inside and dying to raise the red flag, keep your cool. Work your way around without being so obvious. Remember that even kindness kills.

But if all else fails, VIVA LA REVOLUCION! Maybe you should switch jobs. But bear in mind that all bosses are the same. They can make or break you. They will make and break you. So one must learn to read between the lines. You might have signed an irrevocable contract with the devil.


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