Random thoughts while experiencing hypothermia:

1. I wonder if this office is meant to culture bacteria. It’s so frigging cold, when you exhale you see heat coming out of your mouth..you know..like the one in the movies when people are all covered up in seven to ten layers of coat, windbreaker, jacket, leg warmers, muffler, head covers etc. And you can’t hardly walk because of your weight plus the weight of the contraptions you’re wearing.

2. I was walking pass the IT room. He saw me. I smiled. He said Hello. I said Hi. Then this boss of his came up and ruin the chance of us ever striking a longer conversation. Bummer!So I guess I should concede. We are not meant to..spend more time to talk. *slap in the face* Get over it!

3. It’s sooooo frigging cold inside the office that I my fingernails are turning into purple and my muscles are becoming more rigid..in 5 to 10 minutes blood circulation will have ceased..oxygen level will have dropped..and i can’t think straight. and all i can remember is the jacket he is wearing, imagining the invisible warmth that it would bring.. and now i am really sleepy. *sugar crash*

4. I am literally experiencing brain freeze.. No shit?! I felt like my head is getting heavier and heavier it might just fall off and crack open like HUMPTY DUMPTY.. and my brain will be equally divided into two.

5. I never felt this cold in my life. My back is as stiff as a board..So this is how Rose and Jack felt.

6. Centralized airconditioning only means one thing. All for one. One for all. Everyone will suffer from extreme heat to absolute negative 0.

7. This is not an office. This is a morgue.

8. The fire alarm went off. It only means one thing… we need heat!!! Where are the pyromaniacs when you needed them..

9. Incubus is playing THE WARMTH…It’s just what I need….

10. Sometimes when you’re really in a hurry and you just want to get things over with, that’s the time when you experience that TIME stood still. And you are trapped in your own vacuum. Same goes with relationships…



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