kitty litter

Bella Diva

Ada the Hun

Rafael, Future Model

Keira the Sweet Assassin

Kenji, Ninja Thug

I was never good with kids. I don’t bully them. I am not that likable. I can never imagine raising one. I will always be a spoiled brat. But there are times when I wish I could hold one. They calm me. They take my stress away.

If ever I have kids someday, I will not name them from my ancestors.

Here are some options:

For Boys:

1. Kurt (Cobain) (Vonnegut)
2. Brandon (Boyd)
3. John Diggs (JD)
4. Rob Thomas
5. Thomas Bryce

For Girls:

1. August
2. October
3. Wednesday

Yes, I belong to the Addams family.


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