i kissed a girl and i liked it…

Warning: This is not for general public viewing. But you’re probably wondering what it’s about. Go on.. But don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya!

I’m feeling a little self-centered( self-defense mechanism for the repressed id who was not able to quench her thirst for alcohol) so might as well just get things over with. Here are some things you don’t really need to know but I just felt like telling you:

1. Four times the charm – Dengue that it. I had dengue fever 4 times in my entire life. Three times during my childhood and last one was when I was in college. The last time was a pain in the ass. Probably the worst of the four. I felt like I was going to die. My muscles felt like they are dying, my head throbbing as if it’s coming to life. I feared that it continued to throb it would detach itself from my body and live on it’s own.

2. I choked at DEBATES. I hate debating (in real life) and in school. I hate defending myself and trying to make a good point. Another lame reason, why I can’t win a fight. Lampa! I’ll make a really good lawyer too.

3.I had this tinge of infatuation with a college professor—who looked like Jesus..He was teaching Moral Philosophy. How apt is that? Seriously, what was I thinking?

4. Once, I tried to hide in my closet to see if my parents would notice that I was missing. Well, whatdyaeffing know, they never did notice that I was there for like 2 and a half hours. I just got out because I was running out of oxygen and I was hungry..KSP kasi..

5. I got to a point where I wanted to runaway from home because my parents were fighting over some grown up matters at that time… but then again how will I watch power rangers and Magic Night Rayearth? So I changed my mind… Selfish, i know.

6. My high school yearbook write up says I will be an actress someday. Yeah, right!

7. I was once given a one word description by a friend. JOYCE = DARIA. O yes, brothas and sistahs. Geek pride, established at birth!

8. Caffeine makes me narcoleptic. Odd but yeah, that’s me.

9. Way back in high school, my classmate smuggled PLAYBOY, she hid it in front of our FLORANTE at LAURA book. The teacher caught us giggling so she shhhhed us thinking we find the subject really lame. If she only knew what we were giggling about… Aaah, high school!

10. Some of my mom’s friends say I look like Regine Velasquez. Weh?!!! Di nga?

If you read the entire post, then you just earned yourself a free ticket to PANIC! AT THE DISCO concert… oh wait, I changed my mind..


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