Joyce attempts couple’s therapy


Have you ever been caught in the middle of a red flag?

It ain’t easy. I tell you! Last Sunday, a friend and I went out and got a massage. I really felt the need to pamper myself even if I have to crawl to work the next day. So after the massage, we went to meet her BF.cThere we were happily eating our meal in Pasto unassuming that the perfectly laid back Sunday can turn into a whacked out night of yelling, screaming and unwanted attention from the by standers. Yes, it came to that point…

The war of words broke out from what seemed like a harmless conversation on “cookies”. I fail to divulge the entire I might find myself strangled and strapped in a metal casket the next day.

So there I was there—a poor excuse of a bouncer trying to stop an exploding woman and an insistent masochistic man from beating each other into a bloody pulp.

Not a very good experience if I do say so myself as the war of words, exchanges of yells and screams reverberates in your eardrums.

Long story short, one had to go as far away as possible to avoid total annihilation and extinction of mankind.

I on the other hand was wondering, why the hell did I pay 400 bucks for a full body massage, when I could get all the groping, pushing, shoving action from this for free?

Seriously, what was I thinking?


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