Me and Sloth: Part 1

Let’s have 7 deadly sins series for a change…

And I’m starting with SLOTH. Actually, I should have started with Gluttony but I can’t find any other reason to expound (for you to understand why) because I am pretty sure that you won’t need the explanation.

So what’s up with me and sloth.. Well, I’ve been planning to join this writing workshop this coming September. You have to submit your 5 best literary works. Sheesh, what’s so hard about this? Well, you see five of which still exists in my subconscious. And I can’t seem to put them in good writing. O sure, I have 27 drafts in my blog. None of those will ever get published because of me and SLOTH. Or maybe because I am too scared to get the beating from the critics. Either way, things are pretty tight these days. I just need time to actually sit down and write. But every time I do, there’s plurk or there’s too much noise in the house or there’s writer’s block..or there’s booze night.

Hokay, excuses, excuses. Maybe I’ll just join next year. That is if my creative juices are still up and running by then.

SLOTH for me, is equivalent to PROCRASTINATION.

So this post because *yawns*…..


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