West Side Story returns..

Hokay. I don’t care what you think. But in high school I was in this play. So I’m going to watch it by hook or by crook. I’m going to drag my high school friends and blackmail them one by one if I have to. When I my dad found out, this was being shown here he told me I should see it with the rest of the JETS..Hell, yeah we should.

Yes, we’re gonna wing it. And I’m so Gloria GAYnor about it.


One thought on “West Side Story returns..

  1. Hi There!

    We are selling tickets for the September 12 (Friday, 8pm) show of West Side Story Manila(@ the Meralco Theater).

    Ticket prices are at:
    1,200 (orchestra and loge center)
    1,000 (orchestra and loge side)
    700 (balcony center)
    500 (balcony side)

    For ticket inquiries and reservations, you may text (0917-8735412) or email (song1@jnjph.jnj.com).

    Reserve now so you can get good seats!

    Free delivery in certain areas within Metro Manila.

    Log on to: http://www.manilatheater.wordpress.com for more info.

    See you there!

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