It’s like:

1. Letting one train pass only to find out that you will have to wait fifty golden years until the next train comes along. It’s not just any train—the train where you can sit or fit yourself without acting like a master contortionist.

2. Skipping door number one and choosing the second only to find out that you have just opened a room full of old skeletons.

3. Dumping suitor no.1 only to find out that no.2 is the greater evil.

4. Deciding to stay when you should have left eons ago. Hard-headed that you are..serves you damn right.

5. Opting to buy the Kare-kare for dinner instead of the Carbonara..only to find out that Carbonara would have prevented you from being wheeled into the emergency room for food poisoning at two in the morning.

There comes a point in your life when you have established your comfort zone and marked your territory. But all of a sudden something comes along, wipes your foot prints in the sand or moved your demarcation line.

It’s the third time that a manpower consulting firm called me up for a consultant post. And I’ve turned them down mainly because the huge bulk of work is recruitment of course. My affinity towards recruitment can be compared to my abhorrence to anything that involves MATH (e.i. Calculus, Trigonometry and such).

So yeah, the reason they must have stumbled upon my resume is that it says “I’M CHEAP” all over it. By this I meant, they can afford to pay me and still be able to suck of the commission to buy wii and stuff. I’m cheap as compared to the big players in the head hunting industry.

I passed on this third offer because I know that I don’t and will never belong.

But one thing I learned is that when opportunity knocks….open the door….and grab it by the balls..

So for now. I will wait and keep my underpaid ass from grabbing the wrong….erm..


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