To the Bully & her Posse….

….who’s harrassing my friend, Prinz.

Okay, okay. I get it, she’s a noOb. Well, let me give you a piece of my mind. There are just two things that prevents me from storming my way into your office and giving you a beating of a lifetime.

1.) I have manners.. or something similar to that.

2.) If I give you a sucker-punch from hell I doubt that you will still be able to keep your boyfriend as your face will match the color of my purple blouse. Yes, I have mad skills, woman. Don’t try me.

So moving on to a more civilized conversation, as I was saying… Leave her alone or better yet… CUT HER SOME DAMN SLACK.

Sheesh, isn’t high school over by now. Me thinks, you all are still in that stage.

Do you expect her to memorize the whole training manual? She may be the brainy of us –dysfunctional bunch but she ain’t super human.

And please, the next time she says sorry, accept it. Who are you, Jesus? Being high and mighty does not make you a God.

Also don’t bore your officemates with your woes in the love department. Who gives a rat’s ass if your boyfriend is cheating on you or whatever. I guess, he’s tired of you yapping all day like a woman on crack.

And to your posse, I’ll give you each my two cents. I’ll buy you all half of my friend’s brain cells. Think for once. I believe the brain is created to do all that logical stuff.

Do you even know Alicia Keys. Yes, the one who sang KARMA. Yes, yes, kids. What goes around comes around. And when that sweet day comes…you will all realize that you have messed with the wrong woman. Vengeance will be as deliriously sweet as that Jumbo Banana Split she had to order to get over your bullying.

Now, stop gossiping about your boring lives and get your ass back to work. I ain’t begging. THAT’S AN ORDER!


We live by the MAFIA Rule. You hit me. WE hit you.


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