This is shit!!!

One Sunday evening I decided to blog.

*Sigh* Ok. Lazy Sunday. Home alone. I am listening to my Viva La Vida album. I love you Faye. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Here’s the boring part of this blog where I enumerate the things I have done after 10 a.m.. So yeah I was awaken involuntarily by the immense back pain that never seems to go away. No matter how hard I twist and turn, it just won’t lull me back to sleep. What did I do last night again? O yeah. Dinner. Videoke. Dolce. Starbucks. Note to self: Never go back to Dolce ( I will make a separate post on this…hmmm..)

So I got up, I found that the house mates were already awake planning what to order… Yeah, we’re slobs that way. As usual there is no decent meal here. I mean, when will I ever get my ass into going to the grocery. It’s either I am too tired or too lazy. This is really bad.

Anyhow, we had more bonding time as always — you know how typical sleepovers go. We tried to party last night. We had a blast and then come morning we decided that it’ll be a good idea to do each other’s nails, blow dry each other’s hair. Yeah, girl stuff which would probably make you want to click the X button by now. I know. I can’t blame you. What’s happening to me.

Moving on, Sunday’s really a slow slow slow day for me. Typically, I am sluggish but today’s beyond it. Usually I am the first one to go to the bathroom to bathe. Today, I opted to be the last. I was loving how I am comfortably stuck in the couch like I am waiting for it to swallow me whole. Fantastic, now I’m beginning to become phlegmatic like an 80-year-old senile.

Plus. The rain. I don’t get the weather these days. One minute it’s sunny and the next second it’s raining whales and sharks. Is this the beginning of the end? I’m supposed to visit my gramps. I missed his birthday last week.

I had to get him some goodies before I meet up with my cousins. When I check the window. There it was RAIN–mocking me as if saying ” So I guess you’re gonna have to take a cab to never never land after all. Bleah!”

So me and my house mates decided to go to Greenhills (yeah we borrowed the bitch mobile for a change). We aimlessly circled the tiangge. I was at the same time, checking what to buy for Faye, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. We had a double celebration, actually so my pocket’s cursing me right now.

Me and my mates got nauseated by the number of people who are either window shopping or pretending to shop. I just bought goodies for Papa. Then, we decided to adjourn. Besides, there weren’t much cool stuff to buy.

On our way to the parking area, I saw two 20 peso bills lying on the floor! Bwahahaha. Finders keepers. Loosers weepers.

But I ended up paying for the parking. O joy!

Fast forward, I met up with my cousins. We had dinner….which I ended up paying (coz it’s my treat this time). Wallet’s really red with anger right now. But it’s okay. There’s this mandatory rule when you add another year in your bio calendar. You have to burn cash or it’ll burn you.

So now, here I am. Alone. My mates went to Antipolo. *Sigh* I am checking my mails….when I read one of the subjects.. I almost fell from my seat.

This is really shit!!!

There you go, my ticket to the WORDCAMP 2008. *Banana dance*

Hokay, I got to update the list of sponsors now.

I’m excitement…..excitation….excited! Anyone else coming?


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