Dear John Lloyd

Dear John Lloyd,

I love you. Wait, rewind that. *Inhales deeply*

Let me keep this short and simple. I know that you and me…………. will never happen. I already accepted that fact. Needless to say, I just have to let this out.

I should have given you this letter when we saw each other in that elevator. Yes, I guess you remember that one. You pushed the 15th floor button. I was about to press 8 but I realized there was none. As usual, my mind was aimlessly wandering that I entered the wrong elevator. I didn’t want to look like total noob to the building so I just kept my cool. You see, I knew we had a moment there. You gave me that smile. I was too nervous that my smile turned into a semi-smirk. For that, I apologize.

Anyhow, I always say that I am this close to watching your movies…Yep,until finally I decided to give it a shot. The ticket was free so I said to myself, why not? Normally, I’m just the kind who watches your soaps and live a normal drool-free existence. But then, I watched ASAP live and saw you once again. I guess that must have rekindled the old flame.

So anyway, Lloydi. I think I should stop here. This is as far as I can get in terms of self-flagellation.

Good luck on your career.

And as you said in your BIOGESIC commercial……




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