WordCamp…..I was there!

Yup! Thanks to eirene, best camper buddy one can ever ever have.We made it to WordCamp! We’re early but didn’t quite make it as a recipient of the early bird awards.

In fact, we didn’t get any goodies, except the ones the gave you after the camp is over.  I want a WordCamp mug. Pfft!

Matt has a lot of fan girls and…..ummm…boys too. No photo opportunity for us. I don’t really want to haggle with the general population.

I had fun with the sessions. I gained alot of insight actually, which makes me what to rethink and ponder….am I a responsible blogger?

Uhm… NO. Number 1, my blog is sooooo not informative. Number 2, adsense what?????

We actually joined the none-techie talks because yeah, like I care about CSS? and plugins? I mean, seriously I hardly even change my WP template because I really lack the skills and the patience of editing it.

Will I ever make money out of this blog? Answer: HELL NO! [Well, not in the near future maybe]

Because who will ever pay you to talk about epic failures and what not? I mean what is your market value in terms of your writing style? How engaging are you?

So yeah, I learned alot from Blogging 102: Basic and Beyond and Building a Blogging Community and most especially Blogging and Journalism.

I.ph…. what happened to that demo? hahaha. I still think I should have won that free hosting domain shiz….I am still your loyal blogger, don’t worry.

I will definitely join if ever there will be a  next one.

Hokay that’s it. I think everyone’s still in that after party. FEH!


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