Top 5: What’s in Bohol?

Super delayed repost….

Ugh. Back in Manila. Yeah, hello unread office emails and unanswered voice mails. But before I go ranting about them again. Let me just share my sabbatical.

Was I able to relax?  Yeah. I mean whatever it’s gonna be, I don’t necessarily get the exact dosage of dopamine because because a.) the genes won’t allow it. b.) things always gets fucked up one way or the other c.) may balat nga talaga ako.

But enough about that blabber. It’s actually my second time to travel outside the metro. We chose Bohol coz PAL offered these awesome tickets on sale last June and we took advantage of it. The hotel was nice too—ISIS BUNGALOWS. It’s beachfront and it was clean. The bathroom was large you can throw a party inside. Plus it offered a tour. It only cost 2500 for the entire bunch of us (we’re 7). So it’s so sulit. It was an 8 hour tour.  Kuya Dennis ( the driver and tour guide extraordinaire) drove us to the different destinations. We had different pit stops. It’s good that my motion sickness did not act up on me or else I would be a total loser. So here’s what we went to see:

1. Tarsiers! — There’s one who looked like YODA. I swear. At first I was expecting like a big zoo full of wild animals and there would be a little cage with a bunch of them but really it was just like a little sari-sari store. The tarsiers were clinging on the trees. At first, I didn’t see them coz their really small like the size of my palm. They’re so cute but I wasn’t into touching them yet coz you know I don’t want to get featured in the show called “When seemingly harmless animals attack”.Best thing about it, there’s no entrance fee. You just need to drop some money in the donation box.

2. Man-made Forest –  Trees!!! Upon entering you suddenly feel the slight temperature drop. It’s as if you are being embraced by nature. Yeeeeees!  It’s like being surrounded by lanky giants , only a little sunshine passes through the spaces in between the leaves. The trees had less branches too. So it’s not like really being inside a creepy dark forest. Kuya Dennis ( driver and tour guide extraordinaire) told us that the trees were transferred there. But I slightly digress. I mean real who would want to transfer the entire forest? O well, I’m no agriculture expert to argue.

3. Hanging Bridge –  ( And you think only Babylon had one?) First and foremost, if you’re a neurotic like me, it’s best that you skip the fear-factor part of the tour. But well, since I was being partially courageous and was looking for a little adventure I obliged. But then I realized that we had a hyperactive friend who’s like a 5 year-old stuck in a 25-year old body (Yes, Raph, I’m talking about you). As we are trying to traverse the precious hanging bridge (which is really shaky and it seems like the slightest misstep  can actually break it into two–imagine the scene in Horton Hears A Who),  he started swinging from side to side and as if it’s not bad enough started to shake the ropes too. So all the way, while I was trying to curse under my breath for falling inline with this kid on crack started saying prayers. I mean if I fall it’s ok because I can swim. But the water is kinda murky so I don’t know what’s in the water and how deep it is.  Yeah, I’m paranoid that way. But yeah, I guess it was not my day yet, I survived crossing the bridge—twice! So you definitely need to feel that surge of adrenaline from time to time. It’s good for the body!!

4.Butterfly Sanctuary – Next pit stop was the Butterfly conservatory. Again I was expecting museum type. But I think I was overreaching. It was really educational. I forgot the name of the guide. But I have to say, he knows a lot about butterflies.  Like for one, women butterflies are bigger than male butterflies. And male butterflies, change their color and emit a very sweet scent (like chocolate) to attract women. So who’s gay now, huh? And did you know how to differentiate a  moth from a butterfly? Do you, do you? Well, their antennas are different, butterflies have straight and pointy ones, moths are bulkier and have a different texture, like cotton-like. And there are poisonous butterflies too, it’s a defense against their predators. There’s this one who actually,pretended to act as if he is dead. Literally this little fellah was lifeless and just you’re about to drop it….it flew. Yeah! But here’s the most mind-blowing factoid. Butterflies only mate once in their entire 29 day (not really sure) existence. And they can do it as early as they burst out of their cocoons. Yeah, little sluts that they are aren’t they?

5. Chocolate Hills (Duh?) —Who says their chocolate-like? They’re green (at this time of the year I guess). How many are there? Kuya Dennis (driver and tour guide extraordinaire) says there are 1000+. I lost count at five. So I cannot argue.  There are lots of tourist there including Xavier University.  The hike gave my aching back a jolt but I guess Flanax really works. I think at this point. It’s best viewed with the pictures but I can’t post them yet.

Bonus points:

Eat in the Floating Restaurant – it costs around Php 300. It’s buffet. So again it’ll save you some money for the Peanut Kisses.  The ride was like one hour, sight seeing along the Loboc River.  But then it rained. It was again murky  because last week it poured  like hell there.  Towards the end, there was a group of natives who welcomed us, actually serenaded us. I can’t understand a thing except their greeting “Good Afternoon visitors..and something about generous heart”…some other English I lost track actually” Most songs were sang in the native tongue. But the tinikling dance was really fascinating and  their parting words we’re sweet. At first, Cheska taught they said “God bless and have a safe death”. But then Ron said it sounded God bless and Good Health. Whatever it is, I’m sure they don’t mean any harm.

Die Young, Feed a Python–  Now, this opted not on trying. I have a great aversion against the slithering kind (figuratively and otherwise). So yeah, while everyone jumped off the van to see the python, I stayed inside and called Dad–told him a wussed out again just like him. hahahaha.

That’s about it I guess. I’ll try to insert the pictures if I can. But now, I really gotta get back to doing my laundry and restoring inner peace because tomorrow my leave expires and my master awaits to give me a beating of a lifetime. But for now, I thank my friends for being ther, it won’t be this fun without you! Until the next trip! Baguio perhaps? Or are we pushing through Bangkok 2009???


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