MEN are schmucks.

What???  I’m just stating a fact.

And by men, I mean SOME men who sits across the bar and sprays some beer on your friend’s back (I even got a little something something on my right thigh) and says a snotty sorry.

Sorry’s all you got? N O he actually said, “Sorry, sorry, sorry”. Not the apologetic way but the “I said Sorry. Now, move on with your lives” kind.

Whether it was intentional or not (the beer spraying part), it was just plain rude. You owe my friend a drink, bud.  Is that asking too much? I do not expect you to rub her feet and kiss it. No, not with you anyway.

And to think that  it was her birthday celebration. But of course, you all don’t know that.

And by schmucks, I mean JERKS.

Yes. I don’t want to be a sexist. But at times I just want to throw an upper cut right at their fancy faces. It might help if you look like Brandon Boyd. But needless to say. some are just plain insensitive. I don’t know if it’s the absence of estrogen or whatever.

All you need is to read between the lines, man. And the world might just be a happier place to live in.

There, I said it.  Kill me now.


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