Saturday Night Sports *hik*

Woohoo, I’m back baby! Finally, after months of having no weekends and on the brink of insanity, I am now officially rid of extended office hours!!! Or so I thought. But o well, what the heck. *Cheers*

So last Saturday, my friend had her post-birthday celebration. It’s always worth it if you spend Saturday night with your friends. They never fail to cheer you up and vice versa.

And so we tried sports for a change. Enough of the same old movies/dinner/booze.

First stop LASER TAG. I’ve been hearing alot of rave reviews on this new fad. And quite frankly, I was scared at first. You know how I’ve always been apprehensive about FIRST times….But o heck, life is about taking risks. And at 24, it’s about time I cowboy up!

So we went to MARKET! MARKET! We also met up with some of the housemate’s bf’s friends. And all in all it was a GIRLS vs GUYS match. Hoorah!

But before I tell you how the game ended.Just a little primer on how things work:

1. There  is a waiver that you need to sign–and it basically says whatever happens to you inside, it’s all your fault. You need not to sue LASER XTREME for any broken bones and stuff.

2. There’s a briefing on what goes on inside rules are as follows:

a. No running. – uhm, yeah. But where’s the excitement? When you’re entirely seeing blinking lights and partially color blind. You gotta do what you gotta do.

b. No climbing on walls – Yeah, coz there’s this thing called stairs. And I doubt that I’m commando enough to do the wall-climbing part.

c. No Offensive language – What??? I can’t believe that’s part of the rules. So what are you going to do tazer me?.

d. There are different points depending on which part you hit – 200 points – chest, 100 – back and I guess it was 50 for each shoulder.

e. You must hold on to the gun with you both hands. Otherwise, you’ll be a walking target.

f. If you get hit, you’ll hear sound and your blinking lights in the vest will die. They will be reactivated and you’ll see that in the lcd screen in your gun. Once reactivated, you can fire until you get shot. KILL OR BE KILLED. Nuff said.

Ok. Moving on….

After the briefing, the gates opened and we all geared up. And for some reason, the color that was assigned to us was PINK! Whatta stereotype. First and foremost, I don’t know how we got the team names because no mentioned about it. And I was also wondering, did they ask us for our aliases? Uhm…That was the part that got me going “Ok, I must have missed something.” And lastly, the suit was kinda sweaty and Ron’s having hygiene issues but anyway we had our game faces on. FOR GLORY!!! VOLTRON V.S. PINK

After all the horrahs and peeew, peews, We all got PWND. By two kids named, SKATER and NIMROD. Yep, their not playing fair. Just when we’re getting activated, they start shooting me again. And they’re not on either teams. They’re bloody double agents.

But all in all it was all good fun. By the time we got out, we’re all sweating like pigs. We’re probably do it again. Yes, we will!!!! They haven’t seen the last of us I tell you! Nimrod and Skater, be afraid…be very very afraid.

Before, we headed to our next stop we grabbed a bite at SBARRO. It was all a blur. Next thing I knew we we’re heading to E LANES.

Yep, BOWLING!!!  I don’t have any idea on how the scoring goes. There’s  this part where  you need to switch lanes. It’s really good that we were in the last two lanes because we were really rowdy and we’ll all put the pros’ mad skills to shame if we were playing somewhere in between two teams who seemed to be battling it out.  What matters is we all got to hit the pins.  And we had our fancy moves like those pros on our side. At the end of the day, it’s not about winning, it’s how you play the game…..YEEEEEESSS!!

Damn, those balls our heavy. I think I’ll have carpal tunnel syndrome. Seriously.

I discovered that aside from her hysterical laugh, Bax has a promising career as a BOWLER. It’s true, you should have seen her suave moves.

And for the finale, DRINKING SPREE at GRILLA. You know, if drinking were a sport, they’d be all pros.  There we bumped into a friend’s brother and uncle. Yep, Greenhills is the place to be ladies and gentlemen.

Also, bumped into the love sucked drinking apprentice – Gico, who bought us another pitcher of MAI TAI just when we’re all spitting incohorent thoughts and shot glasses magically find its way to the floor.

Yes, shots were fired that day as we talk about our past, present and future.

The night was very fruitful. And we decided to keep on doing this.  Yes, aside from the drinking and  sports, we need to keep on trying things out.

Anyhoo, I am grateful to my friends: Prinz for the treat, Gico for the love of booze (at such a tender age…tsk tsk tsk. Liveraide is awaiting), Ron for reminiscing old flames, Ariane- drunken master moves, and Bax. Ultimately, you could have a very promising career ahead of you as bowler, but  then there was drinking. I say stick with the pros, man. Stick with the pros.


Until the next, I heard POLE DANCING is the next stop. *Gulp*


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