A Moment of Shamelessness

A.K.A. Self-flagellation.

Alright. I normally oblige to doing MEMEs.  Well, unless they’re really stupid and full of self-absorbed questions.  Oh no, wait. Anyway, thanks Peachy Let’s see. Tag rules are as follows.

1 – Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2 – People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3 – At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4 – Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

Eight Random FACTS about me:

1. I’m photosensitive. I always wear dark sunglasses not because I’m always incognito (okay, it’s part of the drama). But actually, my eyes hurt and eventually I get a migraine if I’m exposed to bright lights. The price you pay for being a nocturnal.

2.  I know most of my friends abhor me for playing those loud music and to top that sing along with it. But way back my formative years, I planned on meeting TAYLOR HANSON and asking his hand for marriage. I was one of HANSON’s biggest fan.  Well, me and my cousin were.  We used to watch their concerts in VHS, have a sacred wall dedicated to all their posters, bought all their albums,magazines, wrote fan letters to them. You basically get the idea. Yes, we’re fangirls and did the whole nine yards of adolescent geekery. Shame, shame, shame.

3. FUR ELISE by Beethoven was the first major piece that my father taught me to play. But now, I can probably just do some SAKURA plucking.  Yes, I suck that way. Note to self: Must buy a guitar.

4. One of the huge fights I had with my Mom was when I was begging her to buy me that Stonecold Steve Austin shirt. She was very adamant and was contemplating on asking our Parish Priest to pray me over. She refused to buy me another shirt that says “FUCK FEAR, DRINK BEER”. But in the end, I got one and it made my adolescent life complete.  However, I was banned to watch RAW from that day on because it coincides with her soaps.  On the otherhand, I knew of the replay schedules (and they’re not during prime time). So, it was a win-win situation.  Parental Control… they don’t exist.

5. I saw my highschool prom date once. I gave him the finger behind his back…….and my dad saw it.  FAIL.

6. One time I sat in in one of Dad’s class. I was probably 9 then.  I was doing my usual thing–minding my own business, coloring stuff until one of his students said the magic words. FAT.GIRL. He ended up in the infirmary and I got a huge scolding.  From what I remember  that was the first of the 3 major scolding I got from the father and also the first time I realized  I might just have a potential in boxing.  Fancy jab, I might add.

7. I didn’t stop asking for my grandmother to sleep in my bed until I was in 7th grade.  There… I said it. You can now officially label me a freak of nature.

8.  At age 11, I “borrowed” a 100 peso bill in my grandma’s purse. I intend  to pay her back, BTW. That same day, she gave me the same amount (for some reason). And so to wash my guilt away, I donated 20 pesos to church and bought her a card.  And so remembering that made me realize: 1.) Sometimes, guilt gets in your way and ruins everything. 2.) That also proves Karma’s concept of what goes around, comes around because I now live a poverty-striken existence.  Badass, Karma. I despise you and your bad timing.

I’d have to tag eight more right? hmmm. I am not tagging people for nowt because they don’t normally do it. They’re either busy or probably nursing their way out of a bad hangover.


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