The 3 Rs of Blogging

The internet is getting crowded and is becoming populated with a lot of activity. We’ve reached the point where we get cranky if we’re unable to check our emails, plurk or maybe do some online gaming during our breaks.

Yes, we’re becoming so attached to our cyberlives that sooner or later reality will beckon. And we’ll have no idea what’s real and what’s not. Scary shit. No, maybe I’m just being paranoid.

But seriously, let’s just get back on track–on the subject of blogging. Blogging or wriiting an online journal is  easy as preparing a cup of coffee. I’m sure everyone has a blog by this time and are seriously making money out of it even. Lucky bastards.

Writing is easy and won’t really be a pain in the ass once in a while if you’re not doing it for a living. So for people like me–who’s just one of those who just spreads havoc in the blogsphore- with rant fests—-blogging is primarily a hobby.

There are blogs which I constantly  follow because most of their entries are really entertaining and sometimes it makes me  question my writing skills.  Thery’re  posts are always fresh .And yet there are other blogs which, I felt like leaving a nasty comment. But then again, why should any of my option matter?

So being the wuss that I am, I just simply ignore it.  I’ve observed that lots of blogs practice the 3 Rs of blogging. In as much as you want to keep your ideas new and perhaps engaging, there comes a point when your creative juices run out. And you start to question the main purpose of maintaining a blog. There are times when you’re running low on mojo so you tend to:

1. REUSE – In my opinion, MEMEs are fun. You simply cut and paste the entry and replace them with your answers. No brainer. You can either have fun with it or take it seriously like the Math aptitude exam that I should have answer with utmost care but failed to do so because a.) I Hate Math. b.) I don’t do MATH.

It’s a simple deductive reasoning, you don’t do math. You skip the whole process and go straight to the solution. Nothing brilliant, just another post to pass the ongoing writer’s block or perhaps to break the ice because you’ve been posting alot of serious thoughts on what clothes to buy, where to shop, what gadgets to check out, or the latest porn maybe? Whatever internet dickery it is the main thing about the revolutionary REUSAGE of blogging material such as MEMEs add spice to your dying or sedentary blogging style.

2. RECYCLE – Sometimes you get a little to emotionally unstable. You start searching for your favorite sentimental songs and starts posting them in your blog or you check other people’s blog and find that their post hits the right spot right THERE. And so being the cretin that you’ve become, you suddenly find your fingers simultaneously hitting the ctrl + C buttons. And viola! REDUNDANCY.

Yes,even if you really share the same sentiment with the author. There is no such thing as ‘being in the same shoes’ as that person.  You are unique just like everybody else. Sometimes, RECYCLING can be a form of PLAGIARISM. And nothing is more insulting than plagiarizing one’s work.Sure you probably idolize people’s writing abilities and they tend to inspire your posts. No harm done there.

Most important thing is you don’t  slip Cinderella’s glass shoes Otherwise, you just might have the worst blister next to last time you wore that pair of black stiletto and ended up bleeding your toes out.

3. REDUCE. What can I say? It’s when you basically hit rock bottom. You suddenly ended up saying this on your post OH SHIT. And then magically, you hit the publish button. It could have passed as a plurk. It could help if you add a photo or maybe make up some mushy poetry but no. You just happen to blurt out two words or even an onomatopoeia *aaaarghhhhh* *aaaaawooooo* *aaaawwww* *boooooooo*, etc. Moments of precious anguish,joy, sadness, excitement and all the colors of rainbow combined to rouse captain planet. Whut??

Basically, you are reduced to a one word punchline. FAIL. It’s either you frolicked your way into dead end or  is just passing internet time or too retarded to come up with a decent post, the thing is it happens. SHIT HAPPENS.

So we’re probably guilty of doing  this. So what? Why should our opinion matter? Isn’t there enough internet space to cover every single rerun that we can think of? Hey, at least , we’re not doing drugs or pushing our liver’s capacity to the limit. Don’t we?

OR NOT!!!!!

So yeah …together, let’s make the world a better place.


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